Self-Study Report

prepared for the External Review of the Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii

November 2001

Executive Summary

Complete report in PDF (2.7 MB)

Self-Study Update, October 2003 (PDF, 680 K)

The Institute for Astronomy (IfA) is the youngest of the "top-twenty" NRC-ranked Astronomy Departments in the U.S. In its just over 30 years in existence it has become one of the most respected astronomical institutions in the world. The Mauna Kea and Haleakala Observatories on the islands of Hawaii and Maui have grown into the worlds most powerful observatory complex. Astronomy in Hawaii has become an international trademark of tremendous visibility. The fact that the premier sites for ground-based observing in the world have been developed and managed by a state university with little previous experience in such large scientific ventures is a testimony to the vision and trust placed by the University and the State in the IfA, and to the commitment of the people of Hawaii to develop a first ranked scientific research program.

The potential of astronomy for the University and the State of Hawaii as a pillar of academic excellence and an engine of economic growth is immense. However, to fully utilize this potential the vision and scope of the IfA needs to be extended.