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Evening skies over Hawai‘i - September 2019

September 2019 star chart for Honolulu

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How to use this star chart

The star chart above shows the night sky above Honolulu on the 15th of the month at 10PM local time (HST). The star chart above includes only the brightest stars to avoid cluttering the chart. The constellations are labeled and the lines connecting their stars will help you find these celestial groupings. To find constellations and stars, hold the chart overhead and rotate the page until the correct direction labeled on the horizon circle is ahead of you. You should now be able to look back and forth between the star chart and the sky and match the constellations. The center of the chart corresponds to the point directly overhead called the "zenith". The circle represents the horizon with stars inside the circle visible at 10PM on the 15th. Stars that are outside the horizon circle (blue background) are visible earlier in the month/evening (left) or later in the month/evening (right).


Monthly Moon Phase Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar by Dan Bruton, Stephen F. Austin State University

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