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2004 REU Student Research Projects

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group picture J. Ruderman J. Blazek Charlotte Christensen Meredith Hughes Eric Bellm zuzana Srostlik Bonnie Meinke Chase Ellis

Left to right: Joshua Ruderman, Jonathan Blazek, Charlotte Christensen, Meredith Hughes, Eric Bellm, Zuzana Srostlik, Bonnie Meinke, and Chase Ellis.
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The REU students presented their summer research projects to the IfA on Wednesday, August 4, in the IfA auditorium.

Time Student (Home Institution) / Mentor Title
10:00    Meredith Hughes (Yale) / Jonathan Williams Self-similarity in the Rosette Molecular Cloud
10:30    Eric Bellm (Harvard) / Peter Onaka and Alan Tokunaga Characterization of Infrared Arrays
11:00    Jonathan Blazek (Harvard) / David Sanders The Two-Point Correlation Function of the Hawaii-Hubble Deep Field
11:30    Joshua Ruderman (Stanford) / Harald Ebeling X-ray Point Source Excesses of MACS Clusters
1:00    Zuzana Srostlik (Vermont) / Esther Hu Distinguishing True High Redshift Galaxies from Imposters
 1:30 Charlotte Christensen (Carleton) / Theodore Simon

X-Ray Luminosity of Stars in NGC 752: Finding the Magnetic Flux of Young Stars

 2:00 Bonnie Meinke (Berkeley) / Robert Jedicke Determining the Upper Limit on the Density of Interstellar Comets
 2:30 Chase Ellis (Redlands) / Yanga Fernández Manipulating Schwassmann-Wachmann 1