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2005 REU Student Research Projects

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2005 REU students


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Claire Bendersky

Lysa Chizmadia

Using AOIs to Document Aqueous Alteration in the CO3 Astroidal Parent Bodies

Sarah Cook and Joshua Shiode Christ Ftaclas Wiring Deformable Mirrors for Curvature Adaptive Optics Systems
Desiree Cotto-Figueroa Nader Haghighipour Habitable Extrasolar Planetary Systems: The Case of 55 CNC
Kyle Dolan Harald Ebeling Chandra Analysis of a Possible Cooling Core Galaxy Cluster at z = 1.03
Adrienne Dove Nader Haghighipour Habitability in the Upsilon Andromedae System
Ahia Dye Paul Coleman Analyzing the Distribution of Stars in the Galaxy with Fractal Methods
Jennifer Katz Eugene Magnier A Wide Field Optical and Near-Infrared Search for Brown Dwarf Candidates
Carolyn Peruta Ann Boesgaard Beryllium - A Cosmic Chronometer?
Jennifer Pollack Lisa Kewley and David Sanders Analyzing Emission Line Spectra from Nearby Extreme Galaxies
James Wray Michael Liu Debris Disks around Low Mass Stars