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2006 REU Student Research Projects

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Betsey Adams

Harald Ebeling

Photometric Redshifts

Caitlin Casey

Harald Ebeling

Optimizing SExtractor Parameters for Subaru MACS Fields

Joey Castro

Nader Haghighipour

On the Possibility of Additional Planets in the γ Cephei Binary-Planetary System

Brittany Dames

Paul Coleman

Fractals and Gravitational Lensing

Kim DeRose

Ken Chambers

Spectroscopic Atmospheric Calibration for the Pan-STARRS Project

Garrett Elliott

Dave Tholen

New Ephemerides of Nix and Hydra during the 1985 to 1990 Mutual Events between Pluto and Charon

Wendy Everett

Harald Ebeling

Galaxy Alignment in Massive Clusters

Liz Jensen

Anne Boesgaard

The Composition of the Old, Metal-Rich Open Cluster NGC 6791

Cliff Johnson

Roberto Mendez

Planetary Nebulae and Stellar Kinematics in Interacting Spiral Galaxy M 82

Chris Lowder

Shadia Habbal

Classification of Coronal Mass Ejections and Image Processing Techniques

Sarah Rügheimer

Nader Haghighipour

Habitable Planets in the Planetary System of HD 69830

Anthony Rasca

Shadia Habbal

Coronal Mass Ejections: Their Source at the Sun

Anne Sweet

Lysa Chizmadia

Using Fe and Mg in Olivine as an Indicator of Asteroidal Hydrothermal Alteration