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2007 REU Student Research Projects

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2007 REU students

2007 REU students gather under the banyan tree after presenting their work at the REU Symposium at IfA.


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Mentor Project
Julia Baldauf Munich Rolf Kudritzki Stellar Spectroscopy of O Stars in Low Metallicity Environments
Taylor Chonis Nebraska Klaus Hodapp Refurbishment and Testing of the University of Hawaii Quick Infrared Camera
Julia Fang Northwestern Colin Aspin Implementation of the Pan-STARRS Image Processing Pipeline
Jennifer Harper Durham Ilia Roussev A Model of the Electron Density in the Stellar Corona
James Haynes Manchester CC Nader Haghighipour Dynamial Stability of Terrestrial and Giant Planets in the HD155458 Planetary System
Julia Krugler Michigan State Ann Boesgaard Beryllium Abundances in Solar Mass Stars
Kirsten Larson Wooster Lisa Kewley Theoretical Mid-infrared Modeling of Nearby Galaxies
Dylan Nelson UC Berkeley Jon Swift & Jonathan Williams Cloud Structure and the Origins of the Initial Mass Function in rho Ophiuchus
Ashley Nord Minnesota Bo Reipurth VYSOS and Mini-VYSOS: Preparing to Survey Star Forming Regions
Shaye Storm MIT Bobby Bus Olivine-Pyroxene Distribution of S-type Asteroids throughout the Main Belt
Catherine Whiting Iowa Roy Gal Stellar Mass Estimates of Galaxies in Superclusters at z ~ 1
Kathryn Williamson Georgia James Heasley Mass Determinations of Population II Binary Stars