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2009 REU Student Research Projects

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2009 REU students










Kimberly Aller

UC Berkeley

John Johnson

The Relationships between Stellar Properties and Exoplanets

Andrew Battisti

Stony Brook

Colin Aspin

An Infrared Survey of Herbig-Haro Energy Sources

Stephanie Capen

Eastern Nazarene College

Nader Haghighipour

Detectability of Low-Mass Trojans in Transiting Systems Using Transit Timing Variations

Michele Dufault 

Yale University

 Dave Sanders

Mask Photometry and Color of local (U)LIRGs

Francesca Fornasini

College of William and Mary

Lisa Kewley

The Mysterious World of Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs)"

Tucker Gilman

Columbia University

DonHall &
Klaus Hodapp

Infrared Detector Technology: Using IR LEDs to Characterize The Next Generation Focal Plane Arrays

Jorge Hernandez             

Universidad de los Andes           Ilia Roussev & Noé Lugaz Models of propagation of Solar Coronal Mass Ejections

Sabrina Hurlock

East Tennessee State University

Isabelle Scholl &
Ilia Roussev

Automated Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections using CACTus

Sydney Provence

University of Virginia

Klaus Hodapp

Acceptance Testing of the IRIS Camera

Tzlil Rozenblat

Vassar College

Christ Ftaclas

Aliasing in Curvature Wavefront Sensors

Stephen Sirisky

Rutgers University

 Roy Gal

Double Lobed Radio Sources in C11604