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2010 REU Student Research Projects

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2010 REU students

The 2010 REU students on Mauna Kea.



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Marin Anderson

UC Berkeley

Beth Biller

Brown Dwarfs and Brown Dwarf Binaries in Young Star Forming Regions

Jonathan Breiner University of Washington Norbert Schörghofer Using Martian Meteorites to Determine Water Chemistry on Mars
Joshua Fuchs Rhodes College Dave Rupke Molecular Hydrogen in the Galactic Wind of M82
Brian Geiss Butler University Jeff Kuhn Understanding Circumstellar Regions Through Optical Pumping Polarization
Shannon Hall Whitman College Dave Harrington Deriving Telescope Properties from Sky Observations

Victoria Hartwick

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gal Sarid

Modeling the interiors of Comets

Elizabeth Jayne   Rich Gazan AIRFRAME and the Extreme Interdisciplinary"-ness" of Astrobiology
Hannah Kowen Allegheny College Josh Walawender Optimizing VYSOS Operations
Melody Lindsay   Jacqueline Keane Analyzing Ice Bands in Molecular Clouds
Thomas O'Conner Rensselaer Don Hall Imaging Glow Sources In Detector Electronics
Thomas Rice Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Colin Aspin Observing Young Variable Stars with WFCAM at UKIRT
David Schenck University of Arizona Josh Walawender & Bo Reipurth Preparing VYSOS for Comet Observation
Iulia Simion   Ilia Roussev To the Theory of Jet Formation in Accretion Disks
Laurie Urban Northern Arizona University Adam Kraus A Search for Star Forming Regions in Northern Orion
Amanda White Drexel University Jeff Kuhn & Joe Ritter The Search for Scattering Polarization of Molecular Hydrogen