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TECS 583H (801) - Instructional Strategies in Astronomy III: Connections Between Modern and Ancient Astronomy is a 3 credit course through continuing education. The course will provide extensive astronomy content instruction (with the theme of exploration of other planetary systems and an astronomical seach for origins) to secondary school math and science teachers to help them meet increased high school graduation requirements in math and science, as well as help them prepare students to meet the increased University of Hawaii entrance requirements in these areas. The theme is very cross-disciplinary, involving aspects of physics, math, chemistry, biology, goelogy and earth science. The course will consist of the follwing activies:

  • 144 contact hours in the classroom at TOPS
  • Teachers should participate in 2 pre-workshop activities (directly - or view tapes and materials sent)
  • Teachers will have 50 hours of post workshop acitivity - both as group meetings (in person or via video), star parties and independent planning and execution of workshops, prep time for incorporating TOPS materials into your classes.
    • Star Party - 9/15/02 - 3 hours
    • Meeting 1/19/02 - 3 hours

The course requirements are listed below, upon which your grade will be based. Turn the required materials in to Karen Meech or Beverly Lynn- Wilson by April 26, 2002.

  • Participation in Pre-workshop activities - we took role, no need to send anything.

  • Participation in all workshop activities - This includes group presentation of observing project during the TOPS workshop. This has already documented by TOPS staff.

  • Participation on post-workshop activities

  • Implementation - Written report (2-3 pages typed) discussing how you have used the TOPS activities to date, and how you are implementing things in your classroom. Please include an estimate of the time spent on the post-tops workshop follow up. Also, please note the age level of the students you are teaching and how many students have been affected by the TOPS activities. Note the subject you are teaching.

  • Workshops - Written report on Secondary workshops you have run -- with specific details about the workshop.
    • Include particulars of activity: Date, times, where, who helped, how many came, and the audience demographics (e.g. students, teachers, public etc).
    • List of activities conducted [agenda]
    • Paragraph description of your goals for the workshop
    • Listing of any external support (funding or in-kind time donations).
    • If you have pictures (especially digital!) please include them
    • Optional - if you made fliers etc. feel free to attach

  • Portfolio Materials - The content of the portfolios is discussed in the TOPS materials, but includes a statment of what you are doing in the classroom, as well as samples of student materials.


The requirements for getting the stipend are identical to the course credit requirements.

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