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TOPS Alumni

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We will start to keep track of TOPS alumni to see how they are applying astronomy in the classroom, or how the student careers are progressing.


Photo Name Year Current Activities
Elaine Mahoney 1999 Elaine has really taken the TOPS materials to heart, and has implemented them extensively. Two of her CADD class students won 2nd place ast the TechQuest 2000 fair for their work surveying the ancient Hawaiian site of Kukaniloko.
Kurt Woolslayer 1999 Kurt bought a Nextstar 4.5 inch computer driven telescope for his school, and has been doing star parties. He will be having his students join in on the star parties, and they have been using web-based astronomy with the students.
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Photo Name Year Current Activities
Kristina Malakie 1999 She has become the first offical volunteer at the Onizuka Space Center to assist with the night observing & teaching astronomy.
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