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April 2001 TOPS Newsletter

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TOPS 2001 Status

  • Teachers - We have finally recruited our full complement of teachers for TOPS 2001. Creighton Wilson had to drop out - we will miss him! Please welcome the following new recruits to the program:

    Teacher Subject Grade School
    Carla Brooks Physical Sci 9 Roosevelt HS
    Donna Governor Astron/Earth Sci 7-9, teachers FL-Brown-Barge MS
    Silas Hare Phys/Chem 11-12 TX-Tarkington HS
    Pebble Richwine Science 9-12 Joplin HS, MO
    Cheryl Shintani Space Elem, teachers Kauai-Koloa El
    Eugene Tamow Math/Comp 11-12 Yap-Yap HS
    Iros Waguk Math/Sci middle CNMI-Rota MS

  • Schedule 2001 - This has been completed and will be available online after Easter weekend.

  • Summer Assistants - Please welcome back our summer assistants Lauren Lippiello (TOPS Asst. 1999, 2000), Erika Offerdahl (TOPS Asst. 2000) and Chad Kishimoto (TOPS 1999)

  • April 7, 2001 Preworkshop - Our second pre-workshop was held from 6:00-9:30pm at the Bishop Museum. Teachers present were: Steven Ching, Kathy Chock, Tom Chun, Scot Ewen, Sophia Hu, Alyce Ikeoka, Victor Kim, Clyde Kobashigawa, Brett Yockey, and Cheryl Shintani. After a fun presentation by Sam Rhoads in the planetarium followed by a light meal, our new TOPS volunteer, Jim Bedient assisted Forrest Luke with a refresher session on telescope set up, and observing (through off and on clouds). TOPS graduate volunteers Gerbs Bauer and Michael Connelly (TOPS '95) helped conduct the meeting along with Mary Kadooka, Bev Lynn-Wilson and Karen Meech. If you attended, please drop Sam, Jim and Forrest an email thank you! (click on their names)


TOPS Alumnae Corner

We love hearing from you, and want to keep up to date on what is going on, so please send us information about TOPS-related activities! We also maintain an Alumnae Section on the TOPS web page.
  • Janelle Trusty '99 - We received this letter from Janelle's mother:

    My daughter, Janelle Trusty, attended the 1999 session. At that point in her life she was good in math and science and had started an interest in space. She met Kristina Malakie at TOPS and they both decided they wanted to go to the Naval Academy and be astronauts. Janelle and Kristina have kept in contact and visited when possible. While Kristina is a volunteer at the Onizuka Center, Janelle took on the same kind of commitment here on Oahu. After TOPS Janelle joined the Hawaiian Astronomical Society and bought a 10" Meade. She has served as an officer for the club since fall of 1999. For her senior project she volunteered to take her telescope to school star parties, participating in over 20 during the school year 1999-2000. The summer of 2000 she was hired to bring her telescope for star parties sponsored by JTB for Japanese tourists three nights a week for six weeks. She will graduate from La Pietra on May 30 and has completed Calc I & II, Physics (calc based) and Astronomy at U.H. She has been accepted to the schools of engineering at both Purdue and U.S.C. along with a full four year Navy ROTC scholarship for either school. Although she recieved a nomination from both Senators Akaka and Inouye, she has yet to gain an appointment to the Naval Academy. Kristina already recieved her appointment and we hope the two of them will find themselves at Annapolis this summer starting their journey toward their dreams. Aloha, Chris Trusty

  • Derek Minakami '00 - Derek and his wife gave birth to a new daughter, Zoe on April 3, 2001. Please wish them congratulations! (alternate email)

  • Mary Heaton '00 - Samuel Ethan and Ryan James were born on Saturday 7 April. Sam weighed in at 1.9kg (4lb 2oz) and Ryan at 2.4kg (5lb 4oz). It was an exciting early morning ride in the air ambulance from Hilo to Honolulu. As they were a bit early, both are in the intensive care unit in Honolulu. Sam is doing OK, just very skinny. Ryan is on a respirator at the moment. We hope to be able to take them home in a couple of weeks. Please wish Mary and Phil congratulations.

Cape Kumukahi Site Visit

During spring break, on March 26 and 27, we took a field trip to Cape Kumukahi on the big island to do some archaeoastronomy surveying in preparation for TOPS 2001. Archaeoastronomer Clive Ruggles was visiting from England, and he lead the expedition along with K. Meech. Elaine Mahoney brought 8 students from Mililani High School, along with their chaperones, and they did all the fieldwork. Prior to the expedition, we had a meeting to review surveying techniques at Mililani High School on March 17, 2001. Copies of the viewgraphs shown and photos from the meeting are available. A report of our visit to the site may be found at: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/tops/kumukahi301.html.

News & Opportunities

  • HASTA Spring Conference - We have been offered the opportunity to have a booth at the HASTA Spring conference to be held at McKinley high school on Saturday May 5. We are looking for volunteers to man the booth (open 7:30-8:25am, during morning break and lunch). This is an opportunity to share TOPS information, and recruit teachers for next year! We are looking for volunteers since both Beverly and I may be out of town.

  • Iolani Opportunity - Iolani school is looking for a teacher for the coming school year. They are hoping to find someone for a permanent position split between 8th grade physical science and concept physics. They would like someone with a physics background. For further information contact Sara Finnemore (sarafinn@iolani.org) or contact the office directly for an application.

  • Bishop Museum Star Parties - $ - Here is an excellent opportunity for TOPS teachers / students to keep up to date with their expert astronomy skills - and get paid at the same time! The Bishop museum is starting a major program of astronomy outreach -- evening night viewing programs aimed at Japanese tourists. They will need at least one person per night every day (at least until mid September, possibly longer) to operate telescopes and show people the night sky, give sky talks and assist in the planetarium. They will provide telescopes (12.5" Schmidt-Cassegrain in the observatory, and the 8" Meade reflector). Shifts are available seven days a week; shift is approximately 6:30 - 9:30 PM. This is a casual/hourly position, up to 19 hours per week. They need at least 1 person per night, but if the crowds get very large, they may want 2-3 people per night. They can take several folks, so if you are interested in doing this part time for extra money, that is possible. Qualifications: experience with telescopes; knowledge of astronomy; comfortable speaking to large groups. While a real plus, Japanese speaking ability is not required (they will have an interpreter/translator). Questions? Contact Mike Shanahan, Planetarium Manager, (808) 847-8235. You can send a resume or apply in person:

    Bishop Museum, Human Resources Department
    1525 Bernice Street
    Honolulu, HI 96817

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