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TOPS 2000 - Towards Other Planetary Systems

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This web page is a follow up resource for TOPS teachers. This is a monitored bulletin board where people can mail in TOPS implementation or astronomy-related questions. IfA and other Astronomers have volunteered to be the resources for this page. Answers will be mailed directly to the requestor, but will be filed on this page for future reference.

Ken Chambers,
Jim Heasley,
Stellar, Faulkes Telescope
George Herbig,
Klaus Hodapp,
IR, Instruments, Star Form
Jeff Kuhn,
Solar, New Planetary Telescope
Barry Labonte,
Gerry Luppino,
CCDs, extragalactic
Janet Mattei,
Variable Stars
Karen Meech,
Comets, space missions
Toby Owen,
Space Missions, Planets, atmospheres
Dave Sanders,
Dave Tholen,
Asteroids, NEOs, Pluto, the Night Sky
Alan Tokunaga,
Infrared, Instruments, Star Formation

To send in your question, please email the question to bevlynn@ifa.hawaii.edu and she will send the question to the appropriate staff member at the IfA to answer. (You can specify that the question go to a particular person). All questions and answers will be posted in the following table. Please take a moment to browse this to see if your question has already been answered.

Astronomy Questions and Answers

Hawaii, heiaus, field work Optics & Demos IR, Demos, applications
Telescopes & Accessories Observing Public Talks
Computer Software The Night Sky  

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