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Project ASTRO: Astronomers and Educators as Partners for Learning

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Project ASTRO is partnership between professional astronomers and classroom teachers in grade 4-9. This was developed and sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the National Science Foundation and NASA. The goal is the establishment of coalitions of teachers, amateurs and volunteer astronomers to train local teachers in astronomy. The professional astronomers partner with 4th-9th grade teachers and the team uses a resource book provided by the program to plan classroom activities. There are currently 11 sites throughout the US, and it could be expanded to Hawaii if there were enough interest.

Target Population:

  • 4th-9th grade science teachers
  • Offer training to teachers in leading developmentally appropriate hands- on astronomy activities and programs
  • Provide exemplary materials and resources to participants
  • Astronomers make 4 to 10 visits to a classroom
For Further Information:

Andy Fraknoi, Director
Project ASTRO
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
390 Ashton Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112
Email: astro@aspsky.org

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Karen. Meech, Institute for Astronomy, UH