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Nicolas Biver - Biography

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Nicolas Biver is the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Fellow at the UH Institute for Astronomy. His main research area is the observation and modelling of cometary lines at radio wavelengths. Thanks to the millimeter to submillimeter facilities (JCMT, IRAM, CSO, SEST,...), I have participated to the first detection of some new cometary molecules, and I have mostly been working on models to retrieve production rates for several of these. He is also an exceptional amateur astronomer -- the kind of who sleeps with his telescope... (but don't really sleep!) - and since he also likes drawing, he never observes without a pencil and a sheet of paper. His first astronomical drawing dates back to december 1983, when he started to be interested in astronomy.
Nicolas was born in France, and obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, and then his Ph.D. degree in Astrophysics in 1997 at the Paris University, Meudon Observatory. Prior to getting his degree, he spent 2 months at the Big Bear Solar Observatory (Caltech), and 3 months during two different periods at french observatories. After getting his degree, he obtained his postdoctoral Fellow position at the Institute for Astronomy.

He has been practicing amateur Astronomy since 1984, and has won numerous awards for his efforts, including a 1994 Award from the ``Societe Astronomique de France''. He has also built his own 20 and 26cm telescopes, and is a very active member in the Hawaii Astronomical Society.

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