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Light Pollution - This site from the International Dark-Sky Association discusses the benefits of a dark sky and what some of the issues are.
ASP Online Catalog - The astronomical Society of the Pacific's online store. Productes such as books, classroom aids, observing aids, posters, slides, software and videos are included at the site.
John Spencer's TOPS presentation on Io and the Galilean Satellites at TOPS is located at this site, along with more up to date information on the Jupiter system from recent observations.
The Nine Planets - is a multimedia tour of the solar system with an overview of the history, mythology and current science knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.
NASA Human Spaceflight - this page has up to date information on the International space station, and current shuttle missions.
Planetary Science Research Discoveries - is an educational site devoted to sharing the discoveries being made in planetary and space sciences through NASA-sponsored research.
The Constellations - is an excellent web site discussing the origins of the constellations, with maps, photos and star charts.
History of Astronomy - website is a fairly comprehensive collection of biographies, dates and tidbits of historical astronomical information. There is a lot on this site.
The Spaceguard Survey - report is a web site with the content of the NASA study on impact hazards for Earth from small bodies (asteroids and comets). An excellent resource.
Extrasolar planets - homepage of Geoff Marcy which has all the latest discoveries. There are details of the searches, planet news notes and links to other sites. The link to planet graphics by Jon Whatmough is spectacular.

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