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TOPS 2000 - Session 1 Description

Check In & Registration - June 12, 2000

Schedule - Week 1

Schedule - Week 2

Schedule - Week 3

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Dorm Check in will occur at the Lincoln Hall front desk. Please arrive between 9:00-9:30 am to get your room keys and settle in to your room. TOPS registration will begin from 9:30-10:00 in xxxx.

Lincoln Hall is a four-story building serviced by one elevator. Lincoln Hall houses visiting scholars and short-term conference participants. All apartments have cable TV, telephone service and private bathroom/toilet facilities. Each residence hall has a reception desk to provide check-in and check-out services. The desks also take messages, provide change for laundry and vending machines, issue spare keys, and provide general information. Lincoln Hall is conveniently located close to the Paradise Palms Cafe where we will have our meals, and is a short walk to the Institute for Astronomy.

Location - Lincoln Hall

Participation Matrix

Subject Astr Phys Math Chem Env Bio
Level Novice Intermediate Advanced
Target Group Teachers Students  
X X  
Prerequisites None

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