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TOPS 2001 - Session 20 Description

Palehua Solar Observatory - June 13, 2001

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The Palehua Solar Observatory, located above Makakilo, Oahu, is a United States Air Force observatory which happens to be one of 4 sites through out the world strategically located to provide 24 hour monitoring of the sun's solar flare activity. The United States Air Force Solar Observing Optical Network (SOON) supplies us with daily digital solar activity data from Palehua (Hawaii), Ramey (Puerto Rico), Holloman (New Mexico), and Learmonth (Australia). The site performs synoptic monitoring at the following radio frequencies: 0.2, 0.4, 1.4, 2.7, 5.0, 8.8, 15 GHz. The site is open for educational tours. We will visit the site, and learn a bit about the Sun-Earth connection, and the importance of knowing what the solar activity is to our daily lives. We will also be introduced to a wealth of internet resources on the Sun-Earth connection, such as the Solar Terrestrial Physics Website. From the site, we can enjoy sweeping views of the Waianae coast line.

Location - Palehua Solar Observatory

Participation Matrix

Subject Astr Phys Math Chem Env Bio
Level Novice Intermediate Advanced
Target Group Teachers Students  
Prerequisites None

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