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TOPS 2000 - Session 50 & 51 Description

Summer Solstice Sunrise & Archaeological Survey - June 21, 2000

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Cape Kumukahi is located on the easternmost point of the big island, and is marked by the US Coast Guard Kapoho lighthouse which is in active use for navigation. The site is also used in an NOAA project for air sampling to assess CO2 concentrations world-wide There is a legend associated with the lighthouse - that the volcano goddess Pele spared the lighthouse in 1960 because the keeper had treated her well. The lava flowed to within 6 feet of the lighthouse and then split, to flow to the sea.
Latitude 19 31' North
Longitude 154 49' West
Elevation 3 Meters

We will leave the facilities at Kalani Honua very early in the morning (4:15am) to arrive by bus at Cape Kumukahi at sunrise (which is at 5:42 Local time - HST). We will observe any possible astronomical alignments at the site during the sunrise, and visit the heiau platform. This is a wonderful opportunity for our Pacific Island teachers and local to share some cultural astronomy practices with the group. After a picnic breakfast, the group will divide into teams and will conduct a brief archaeological survey of the site using theodolites and compasesses.

Location - Cape Kumukahi

Participation Matrix

Subject Astr Phys Math Chem Env Bio
Level Novice Intermediate Advanced
Target Group Teachers Students  
X X  
Prerequisites The participants will have had lectures on archaeoastronomy (sessions 44 and 45) and will have had one session on archaeological surveying (46).

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