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TOPS 2000 - Session 8 Description

Explorers Project - June 13, 2000

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The Explorers Project is an educational partnership with NASA to develop two planetarium shows (on polynesian navigation and the search for origins and on the modern exploration of space using the facilities on Mauna Kea). Along with the two shows, the project is developing educational materials and curricula to go along with the programs. Mike Shanahan will talk about the program and show both of the planetarium shows.
In addition, there will be a live component to the show to help get you used to the constellations in the sky for June, and to start getting you used to the motions of objects in the celestial sphere.

  • Visible (tonight) constellation familiarization
  • Daily (diurnal) motion
  • Seasonal motion of the stars
  • Latitude determination using the pole star
  • Concepts of ecliptic, celestial equator and celestial pole
  • Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes (as points on the sky)
  • Changing position of the sun at rising and setting - solstices
  • Concepts of RA and Dec (and comparison to latitude and longitude)

Location - Planetarium

Participation Matrix

Subject Astr Phys Math Chem Env Bio
Level Novice Intermediate Advanced
Target Group Teachers Students  
Prerequisites None

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