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TOPS 2000 - Rotation Session 32 & 35 Description

Signatures of Life on Earth 2
How many microbes? Capturing and Enumerating Microbes from the Environment -
June 24, 2000 10:30-11:15, June 24, 2000 11:15-12:00

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What are the properties of life and where is it found? What are the limits of life? How do organisms affect their environment? How has life evolved on Earth for the majority of it's history? By exploring the lives of microbes, and how they have evolved on our planet, we will start to answer some of these key questions in Astrobiology, the study of life in the Universe. This hands-on lab will utilize microbes, basic microbiological techniques and simple materials to investigate the lives of our diverse and unseen planetmates.

Various simple methods of capturing micobes (bacteria, protists and fungi) for observation and culturing in the classroom will be demonstrated. Well start an experiment which uses the technique of serial dilution to answer the question how many microbes? from a sample of your choice. Session lead by guest speaker Lorraine Olendzenski.

Location - Room 32 - Biology Room

Participation Matrix

Subject Astr Phys Math Chem Env Bio
Level Novice Intermediate Advanced
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Target Group Teachers Students  
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Prerequisites Session R23 or R26

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