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Event-Based Science

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The Event Based Science program is a new way to teach science at the middle school level. The program is an NSF-funded program developed by R. G. Wright for the Montgomery Public Schools in Maryland. The program has developed modules for middle-school earth science classes. The EBS modules are interdisciplinary in nature and draw upon the middle school student fascination with disaster in order to draw them into activities associated with a disaster, and in the process teach them science.

Target Population:

  • Middle school earth science or general science classroom
  • students begin by watching real media coverage of natural disasters
  • students then tackle a real-life project based on the disaster
  • the students work as individuals and teams to complete tasks related to the disaster for the unit
  • this type of hand-on-activity is task driven and student motivation driv en.

Modules Available:

Asteroid Earthquake Gold Rush Hurricane
Oil Spill Toxic Leak Tornado Volcano
Flood Outbreak First Flight Fraud
For Further Information:

Russell G. Wright
Montgomery Science Project
850 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone: 1-800-EBS-7252

Or to purchase the modules (Student edition $8.95, Teacher guide & video $21.95, classroom package (15) $132.00) go to the EBS Online ordering site.

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