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Hands-On Astrophysics

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Hands-on-Astrophysics is an NSF-sponsored program has been developed by the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) to utilize the unique and extensive electronic database of variable star observations.

Target Population:

  • high school physical science, computer science and math
  • science fair projects
  • independent research courses for gifted and talented
  • summer science sources
  • introductory astronomy courses in universities
  • use calibrated charts to identify and measure known variable stars
  • use computer software to access and manipulate the database
  • data becomes part of a real scientific database used by professional ast ronomers
For Further Information:

Dr. Janet Mattei, Director
American Association of Variable Star Observers
25 Birch Street
Cambridge, MA 02138-1205
(617) 354-0484

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