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The Hands on Universe program, developed by Carl Pennypacker at UC Berkeley Laboratories, is designed to bring enhanced technology into the classroom. The program consists of software and a curriculum. This requires a 486 machine with math co-processor in the classroom, a modem and 1 week of teacher training.

Target Population:

  • high school science classes with astronomy curricula
  • Introductory college level
  • Astronomical objects are photographed (CCD images) with telescopes by the Hands-on-Universe staff, and initial image processing is done by the staff. Specific images may be requested by students.
  • teachers download the images
  • the students then use the software provided to try real research projects in astronomy
  • Teachers receive training in the use of materials and are integrated into a network of professional support astronomers.
For Further Information:

Dr. Carl Pennypacker
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Building 50, Room 232
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 486-7429
email: pennypacker@csa2.lbl.gov

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