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The INSPIRE Project

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The INSPIRE Project s an ongoing space physics research program on Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionosphere Radio Experiments, which studies the very low frequency (VLF) radio signals in the Earth's magnetosphere which originate from manmade sources and natural sources (i.e. lightning). The program combines a short-term lab activity for physics students with long-term participation in a nation-wide data gathering network. For a small fee, teachers purchase a radio receiver kit which the students build which can detect the VLF signals. Specific scientifically interesting observing periods are coordinated by B. Pine.

Target Population:

  • high school science students
  • Students build a simple radio receiver from a kit (under teacher supervi sion)
  • Students become part of a network of observing teams to monitor the VLF spectrum
  • Some of the network observations are coordinated efforts for special events. One of these events will be monitoring the new pulsed electron beam from the Mir space station at coordinated times
For Further Information:

Chaffey High School
1245 N. Euclid Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762
Email: PineBill@aol.com

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