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The Jason Project is a program designed to excite and engage students and educators in science and technology, by exposing them to state-of-the-art technology. This will hopefully serve as a catalyst for a long-term systemic educational improvement. The program prepares students and teachers for telepresence during real research with cooperating scientists via live television broadcasts. In addition, the program provides teacher professional development programs, and online computer support.

Target Population:

  • Grades 4-8 with information in areas of astronomy, geology, technology, life sciences, arts-humanities-and social sciences.
  • students keep journals as they undertake preparatory hand–on exercises
  • students prepare for a real science expedition via a trip to a primary network site
  • during the telepresence with the researchers, they have the opportunity to interact with scientists.
For Further Information:

JASON Foundation for Education
395 Totten Pond Road
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451
Phone: (781) 487-9995
Fax: (781) 487-9999
General E-mail: info@jason.org

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