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  NASA Web Sites
NASA Space Link - is the home of the NASA Education Division resources, including electronic publications.
NASA Online Educational Resources - This is part of the mission of the High performance computing and communications program, and is a link to online libraries, museums, resources and educational organizations.
Educational Outreach at JPL - This site is the education page for the lead NASA center for the robotic exploration of the solarsystem. The page contains information for students and teachers about museums, exploration, higher education, resources etc.
Space Telescope Science Institute - Public Information and education page, which has K-12 interactive activities, information on grants, education resources, education projects etc.
NASA Ames Center for Mars Exploration - provides historical references to Mars, Mars mission information, tools, and current Mars news, along with educational resources.
  National Observatories - Educational Outreach
National Optical Astronomy Observatory - Educational Outreach page. This page includes information about ongoing educational programs, and educational materials which are available.
European Southern Observatory - outreach activities, which include press releases, material for the media and public. This is a source of astronomical information, photos, and other products.
The Mount Wilson Observatory - has an educational web site which includes information on the historical archives, presentations, the "Telescopes in Education" archives, and a constellation quiz.
  Other Organizations
Lunar and Planetary Institute Education Resources - This page lists programs and resources for teachers and scientists, including teacher workshops, CD-rom and slide sets, curriculum guides, posters, K-12 classroom activities and resources. The LPI is one of the NASA Broker Facilitators.
The American Associationof Variable Star Observers - Information about the program, membership, publications and the Hands-on Astrophysics educational program.
Space Science Institute - This web site highlights educational workshops, exhibits, K-12 curricula, as well as MarsQuest, and the Space Weather Center.
The Planetary Society - Learning center web page has a selection of information on Mars, Planetary missions, craters, plus images, art and Galileo journals.
The American Astronomical Society - Education Office provides support to members who are engaging in K-12 outreach. There is also an web site which has many links to other sites of astronomical education interest.
Life on Other Planets - a forum and educational resource for teachers.
Astroweb - is a collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the internet. There is a subsection of this page devoted to Educational Resource materials.
Wayfinders - This web site is an educational log of the journeys of the voyages of the Hokulea, with discussions about polynesian history and origins, wayfinding, navigation etc, with the opportunity to send in questions about the project.

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