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Education Division Pages 
NASA SpaceLink Source of NASA Education division's electronic publications, instructional materials and services
Space Science Education - Goddard Includes a variety of resources, mission information, science standards, images, etc.
NASA Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center This is the archive of planetary data that serves the research and education community throughout the pacific. The center is located in the basement of the Sinclair Library on the University of Hawaii campus in Honolulu.
Image Collections 
NSSDC Photo Gallery Gallery of astronomical images, organized by topic.
NASA PDS Welcome to the Planets This web site summarizes a collection of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program. The entire set may be obtained on a CDrom.
Johnson Space Center Digital Images This site is the link to the NASA JSC archive of 250,000 images from the space shuttle missions. This includes an extensive Earth Observation collection.
The Web Nebula Images Astronomical images of galaxies, nebulae, and other objects of astronomical interest.
NSCA Digital image library This site hosts a browseable collection of research-quality images accessible to the astronomical community and the general public.
Clementine Lunar Browser This is an interactive facility which allows you to browse a map of the moon and pull up images from the Clementine mission database.
NASA Skyview Skyview is a virtual observatory to generate images at many wavelengths for any part of the sky. Has interfaces for non-astronomers and astronomers - accessing most online sky catalogs.
STScI Digital Sky Survey Online facility for retrieving Digital sky survey images in several colors. Probably useful only for astronomers or advanced students.
Observatorium A public access site for Earth and space images
Observing Tools 
Mt. Wilson Online Stargazer Interactive site which will create a star map for a particular date, time, location, customized to particular star brightnesses.
Space Calendar This is a listing of space-related activities for the coming year. It includes over 1000 links to events of astronomical interest.
Solar System Simulator The NASA/JPL simulator will allow you to create a color image of a planet or satellite from any perspective in the solar system.
Astronomical Organizations 
Astronomical Society
of the Pacific
The ASP is an international organization, founded by amateurs, and now the largest society of its type in the world. This site has information about membership, their publications, astronomy education, and their online catalog of products.
Misc Resources 
Earth & Sky - Radio This is the companion web site to the daily radio science series (for earth science / astronomy) - highlights recent discoveries. The web site has teacher resources for using this in the classroom. Includes a list of what is visible tonight.
Universe in the Classroom Newsletter This newsletter is published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific on a quarterly basis. It is available free to educators and those associated with education if a request is made on school stationary.

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