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September 2000 TOPS Newsletter

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August 26 Star Party, Dillingham Airfield, 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


  • Staff -- Karen Meech, Peter Capak, George Bendo, Jana Pittichova, Mary Kadooka (5).
  • Teachers -- Leilani Wright, Mike Jaros, Doris Dean, Sophie Hu, Victor Kim, Alyce Ikeoka, Blue Eisen, Sara Finnemore, Elaine Mahoney, Tom Chun, Clyde Kobashigawa, Jean Hamai, Sandy Hagstrom ('99) (13).
  • Students -- Mark Daranciang, Scott Kawakami, Tiffany Llenos, Melissa Ferreira, Serena Dameron, Jackie Boucher (6). Family and friends - Special thanks to Melissa's mother (nurse who was "bug spraying everyone"), Hao Zheng ('93) (6).
Potluck Supper - We shared "ono" food with happy Hawaii Astronomical Society members and friends. Menu: Sushi, mashed potatoes, spam musubi (Japanese rice "ball"), potato salad, fried chicken, hot wings, "Star fighter" pig in blanket (Leilani's creation from cookbook), fruit salad, veggies and dip, tortilla chips and 7-layer dip, pineapple upside-down cake (Mike's culinary skills), blueberry cream cheese squares (Mark helped his Mom), chocolate cupcakes.

Weather conditions - Perfect with absolutely no clouds, wind, so everyone could see the Milky Way. Highlight - 10-inch Dobsonian telescope with 6-ft tube that showed star formation with all the colors!!

Objectives Met:

  • Reconnect and socialize plus discuss workshops planning.
  • Review naming of major stars, constellations, use of star charts, etc.


After IFA Open House, Oct. 28, 2000, 1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m.

  • HAWAII TEACHERS -- Attendance at the open house in the morning is optional (information in another email), but you will be expected to attend this follow-up session, which is needed for the TOPS evaluation and will be more formal.
  • PACIFIC ISLAND AND CONTINENTAL US TEACHERS -- You need to turn in the report form (to be emailed) to Mary, even though you are unable to attend the session. If you would like to share student samples, materials, reports, questions, etc., connected to the following objectives, please send copies to Mary.
Objectives --
  • Sharing samples of students works and/or other materials you have been developing for standards. For example, Leilani will be sharing her astrobiology activities with standards outline.
  • Reporting on TOPS activities done, problems confronted, and resolving them.
  • Turning in a report of the TOPS activities you have been able to do with your students and an evaluation of the effectiveness of these lessons for your students is expected from you. A report form will be emailed to you and we will answer questions concerning it.
Remember - The TOPS staff will provide all the support you need to get students to enjoy and learn some astronomy concepts. Our goals are to provide you with the resources you need to do an awesome job facilitating naked-eye observations, identifying constellations, integrating technology, etc. Feeling excited and enthusiastic about astronomy is the first step in motivating teachers and students to learn more about it.


Second tier workshops for other teachers who are not TOPS participants: These are the workshops you are expected to conduct for other teachers during the school year. Our goal is to network with other science and mathematics colleagues and share TOPS activities and resources to promote astronomy education and standards. Please contact M. Kadooka to add your tentative workshops to the list.
Leaders Title Place Date Time Sponsor
Elaine Mahoney, Doris Dean, Leilani Wright   Windward Community College Planetarium and Aerospace Center 09/23/00 08:00-13:00 Mililani High School Learning Center
Alyce Ikeoka, Sophia Hu, Forrest Luke Naked Eye Astronomy Lanai High and Elementary School 10/05/00 14:30-21:00 TOPS funding and Lanai High School
Mary Heaton, Kehau Kalili, Mark Littorin Using Starlab for Naked Eye Astronomy   10/19/00   HSTA Hilo Chapter Institute Day
Alyce Ikeoka, Sophia Hu REACH - elementary and high school partnership McKinley High School 10/20/00 09:30-10:30 HSTA Honolulu Chapter Institute Day
Victor Kim Math Standards Using Astronomy Activities McKinley High School 10/20/00 10:45-11:45 HSTA Honolulu Chapter Institute Day
Leilani Wright Astrobiology Activities Punahou School 10/21/00 10:15-11:15 HaSTA, American Chemical Society, Hawaii Academy of Science Joint Conf
Alyce Ikeoka, Elaine Mahoney, Mark Littorin Archeoastronomy Punahou School 10/21/00 11:30-12:30 HaSTA / ACS / HAS Joint Conference
Tom Chun, Sara Finnemore Naked Eye Astronomy Techniques and Websites   05/01   HaSTA Spring Conference

We need to conduct workshops on Maui, Molokai and Kauai. TOPS will fund airfares. You will need to know a teacher or administrator who has the enthusiasm to help with recruiting and follow through with logistics. Otherwise, it would be difficult to organize these. Help! (Alyce's teacher friend is promoting workshop for them on Lanai.)

We need TOPS participants to do these workshops and sessions. M. Kadooka will coordinate these. Please volunteer so you can fulfill your workshop obligation for TOPS. Mahalo.

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