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TOPS Sponsors

The National Science Foundation Primary financial support for the teacher portion of the workshop
  Private Donation Through the generous support of a local private donor, 20 high school students are able to participate in the program each year.
Institute for Astronomy The Institute for Astronomy has provided financial assistance for the program as well as many hours of volunteer staff time and facilities.
NASA Through the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, NASA provided funding and access to telescope time for the program
University of Hawaii The Faculty Improvement fund was used to purchase 2 celestron 8 telescopes for use at TOPS and in the Astronomy teaching program
Aloha Airlines 24 Flight coupons (1999)
Continental Airlines 20 percent discounts on airfares from the Pacific for our Pacific teachers
Celestron International 30 percent discount on purchase of new C-8 telescopes
  Computer Aided Technologies 1 PC computer; 3 monitors
GTE Hawaiian Telephone Free use of Cellular phones during workshop
  HTK Hawaii 50 percent discount on purchase of equipment
Sienna Software, Inc. Software liscence (free)
Hawaiian Camera Supply 30 percent discount on cameras
Smoltz Distributing 20 percent discount on digital camera
UHaul 40 percent discount on use of trailer for transport
Young Brothers Shipping Free Interisland Shipping

Last Updated on November 28, 1999
Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii