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  • 9/8/99 - Kurt Woolslayer - "Greetings from Rota. I am thinking of ordering the Meade's Maksutov ETX-125. Shipping costs to Rota via UPS seem out outrageous. Also they are back ordered. Have you had any experience with them or the ETX-90? If so what do you think of it for high school telescope? Any suggestions on getting it here cheaply?"

    Ans: [kjm] I am not familiar with the Meade Maksutov ETX-125, although I have a catalog in front of me and it looks nice - a good size for learning with. I have used Meade 8" and 10" sizes, and was not impressed with them compared to Celestron. There were parts on the telescope that were moveable which I didn't think should be moveable -- and this made it hard to use. The other feature which I hated with Meades -- (which is fixable at a cost) is the fact they put viewfinders on which are not straight through viewing. This may be more "comfortable" on the neck, but miserable for actually finding things, since I sight along the tube with one eye, and straight through the finder with the other. I think this would be especially troublesome for beginners! Regarding shipping -- I don't have too many ideas there. You might try talking to the supervisor and ask if they would make shipping a donation . . . . or if you know of someone coming to Rota they could bring it as excess baggage.

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