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The year-specific links on this page are password protected and contain things such as contact information (phone, address etc). Other links are available to the public.

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Power Point Presentations

File/Format ps pdf Date Who Presentation
TOPS_Overview (ppt) [0.5MB] ppt [5.9MB]
notes [5.7MB]
ppt [0.4MB]
notes [0.09MB]
10/26/01 K. Meech Board of Regents -
Tops Overview
Learning_Ast (ppt) [0.5MB] notes [1.9MB] notes [0.3MB] 7/01 T. Slater How we Learn Astronomy
CCD Spec (ppt) [3.3MB] notes [29.2MB] notes [0.15MB] 6/29/01 K. Woolslayer
C. Kobashigawa
TOPS CCD Spec presentation
Origins (ppt) [1.6MB] notes [22.5MB] notes [0.2MB] 6/21/01 J. Kuhn Origins of Elements

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Last Updated on February 28, 2002
Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
This was removed from the resources because the ppt contains sensitive info about burial site that must be removed. kjm 2/28/02 Archaeoast (ppt) [3.3MB] notes [59.6MB] notes [3.1MB] 10/6/01 B. Wilson IfA Openhouse Talk