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Below are several excellent programs for teacher training in hands-on activities.

Hands-On-Astrophysics - Variable stars hands-on activities. Applicable to other science areas.
The Jason Project - Participating in real science (all areas) as it happens!
Hands-On-Universe - Hands on observing and opportunities for real research in the classroom using a large telescope remotely.
Event-Based Modules - Earth science & Astronomy hands-on activities and curricula.
Project Star Curriculum Materials - hands on activities developed by teachers for use in the astronomy classroom.
The INSPIRE Project - Educational corporation to get students to observe natural radiowaves - technology applications.
Project Astro - partnering of teachers and professional astronomers in the classroom to increase astronomy skill and content.
Project Sofia - under development with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the SETI Institute to conduct outreach aboard the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.
Voyages Through Time - a standards-based curriculum development project for a high school integrated science course centered on the unifying theme of evolution.
Exploring Planets in the Classroom - This is a summer workshop and set of hands-on activities in planetary geosciences developed by the faculty at the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.

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