Astronomy 280
Fall 2004

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The grade for the course will be based on the following:

One Midterm Exam    (30% of total grade)

There will be one midterm, given in class about half way through the course(see dates). It will count 30% toward your total grade.

Two Papers   (30% of total grade)

There will be two required papers for the course, each counting 15% toward your total grade (see dates). The papers should each be about 1500 words in length and topics will be announced in class. You are encouraged to read as widely as possible in preparation for writing the papers. Suggestions for further reading are given in both textbooks and other reading may be handed out in class. Suggested websites will also be pointed out throughout the course. It is particularly important that you reference sources of information, including websites, when you write your papers.

Depending on the background of those taking the course, I may offer the possibility of substituting a problem set for the second of the required papers. If offerred, the problem set would follow the timetable of the second paper and would count 15% toward the total grade. This is envisaged as substituting for the second paper only, NOT as extra credit. This is tentative as of now and will be finalized in the first week or two of term.

Short Assignments (20% of total grade)

There will be a number of other short assignments, which might be small (less than 1 page) answers to questions, or maybe a numerical problem. These will be completed at home, but won't necessarily be as regular as weekly homework. They will collectively count 20% toward your final grade.

Final Exam   (20% of total grade)

The Final Exam will be given in class (Wat 420) on Thursday, Dec 16 from 12 to 2pm. It will cover all the material of the course and will count 20% toward your total grade. You must take the Final to get a grade in the course.