Astronomy 280
Fall 2004

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The course is organised by topic and for clarity I've used the chapter headings in the textbook, "A Short History of the Universe". Notice that the arrangement is the same as the order of chapters in this book, with the exception of Chapter 6, which I've moved up so it now comes between Chapters 2 and 3. Reading assigments are given for this book (SH). Other reading material may be handed out in class. Check the link for each topic.
Intro & Some Lessons from Ptolemy
SH   Ch. 1 + Handout
The Expansion of the Universe
SH   Ch. 2
Models of the Expanding Universe
SH   Ch. 6
The Cosmic Microwave Background
SH   Ch. 3
The First 10-33 Second
SH   Ch. 4
The Genesis of Baryons and Helium
SH   Ch. 5
Dark Matter
SH   Ch. 7
Baryonic Dark Matter
SH   Ch. 8   
Intergalactic Matter
SH   Ch. 9   
Origin of Structure
SH   Ch. 10   
Large-Scale Structure
SH   Ch. 11   
Galaxy Formation
SH   Ch. 12   
Closing the Circle
SH Afterword