Astronomy 280
Fall 2004

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Required Papers

Paper 2 (Due Nov 30, 2004)

Information on this paper is here (PDF) or here (jpeg, page1) and here (jpeg, page2).

Paper 1 (Due Sep 14, 2004)

Choose a subject that interests you in the general area of "evolution of the universe" and write a 5 - 7 page paper on that subject. The subject may be from your own reading or your own area of expertise. There are only two conditions:

  • the subject must have something to do with "the evolution of the Universe",    and

  • you must explain the relevance of your subject to "the evolution of the universe" somewhere in your paper.

I realise that we are at the start of the semester so obviously you won't necessarily know much (yet) about the evolution of the Universe. Credit will be given for writing a nice, tight, technical, college-level paper (well-referenced) on your subject, and for showing an understanding of it's relevence to the subject of the course.

Feel free to consult me if you are unsure of the relevance of your proposed topic, or if you are having difficulty thinking of a topic in the first place.


Consider the subject, "What can we tell about cosmology (the structure and history of the universe) using naked-eye observations of the sky?" In this case, your 5 - 7 page paper will ideally try to trace the history of our understanding of this subject and show how the limitation of accuracy of observations has crucially affected our interpretation of celestial phonomena. Again, credit will be given for keeping the argument tight and for proper referencing.