Astronomy 110
Fall 2005   Section 006

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1. What's Out There?
  How structures are arranged in space and time.
Ch. 1
2. What the Sky Tells Us
  Where are we? Deciphering the clues from simple observations of the sky.
Ch. 2
3 The First Astronomical Revolution
  The planets, gravity, and the birth of science
Ch. 3.1 - 3.3
4. Gravity and Light
  How we make sense of a Universe that's hard to see and (nearly) impossible
  to reach.
Ch. 3.4-3.5, 4.1-4.2, 4.4, 9
5. What Makes a Planet?
  How diferent from Earth can you be and still be a planet?
Bits of Ch. 6-8 (TBD)
6. Taking a Look at the Sun and Stars
  We depend on the Sun. Will it always be around. What about the stars?
Ch. 4.5-4.6, 12, 13
7. How to Make New Suns and Other Stars (and Planets?)
  As long as conditions are right, the Galaxy will go on making stars. Will planets
  come along for the ride?
Ch. 14, 5
8. Star Stuff: the Origin of the Elements
  Before there were people, there must have been stars ..
Bits of Ch. 15 and 16.1-16.5 (TBD)
9. A Universe of Galaxies, Including Ours   NEW !!
  Galaxies are the building blocks of the Universe. Why is that?
  Find out about our own dynamic environment, the Milky Way galaxy.
Ch. 17, 18
10. The Big Picture   NEW !!
  Astronomical "time travel" tells us about Big Bang cosmology and the origin
  and destiny of the Universe. And if we're right, it's the stuff that doesn't make
  light that rules..
Ch. 19, 20
  *   Note that the "textbook reference" is only a rough guide to where the material on a topic is located in the textbook (and also indicates parts of the textbook we won't get to). More detailed reading will be noted in class as the semester progresses. (You will also be able to find this information in the class notices.)