Astronomy 380: History of the Cosmos in Western Culture
Spring 2007

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  • 5/2/07   The take-home final exam is HERE. Information on the deadline and instructions for taking and returning the exam are included. If any aspect of the exam is unclear, please email or call Drs. Cowie or Joseph for clarification.

  • 5/2/07   An informal survey on all aspects of the course is here:   (PDF | Plain text). We would welcome your informal feedback on all aspects of the course.

  • 4/3/07   Information on the required research paper is HERE. The schedule and a list of suggested topics is given; you may instead choose your own topic. Note the intermediate dates given on the schedule and please pay attention to them, particularly that for the initial approval of your topic.

  • 2/26/07   The Outline page has been updated. Dates should now be approximately correct. Required reading for Kepler has been posted on the Kepler page.

  • 2/22/07   The order of topics has been changed slightly. We will discuss Kepler's laws before Galileo. See the Outline page.

  • 2/19/07   Reading and questions for a discussion of Copernicus "On the Revolutions .." have been posted on the Discussions page (For Thursday, Feb 22, optimistically). Copies will also be available at class tomorrow (Tuesday). See the topic page for required reading. Materials for the previous section (Medieval Europe) have now all been posted.

  • 2/15/07   Section 4 lecture notes have been posted. Homework 3 relating to the discussion of Thomas Aquinas has also been posted (due on Thursday, Feb 22). See the Lectures and Discussions pages.

  • 2/1/07   Note that there will be no class next Tuesday, February 6 because of Dr. Joseph's travel. The class will be made up at a later date. Class will meet normally on Thursday, February 8.

  • 1/18/07   There is a new page on the website that links to homework questions related to the class discussions. This can be accessed from the main information page (look for "Homework"), and from the discussions page, and there is also a link here. This homework will be handed out in class today (Thursday) and is due next Thursday (Jan 23).