Astronomy 380: History of the Cosmos in Western Culture
Spring 2007

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The course is organised by topic. Click on each topic to access the pages for that topic, including reading assignments, links to materials for class discussions and links to other useful websites. The dates encompass both lectures and class discussions.

4/03/07:    Note that oral presentation of research papers has been rescheduled to May 1. Information on the research paper is HERE.

2/26/07:    Dates have been changed & should now be approximately correct
Jan 9 Introduction & Overview    (BJ, AC)
Jan (9), 11, 16 Mesopotamian Celestial Forecasting    (BJ)
Jan 18, 23, 25, 30 Ionian Physics & Hellenistic Astronomy: The Emergence of Scientific Theory    (AC)
Feb 6 Arabic Continuation & Development of The Greek Tradition    (BJ)
Feb 8, 13, 15 The Greek Tradition Re-Emerges in Medieval Europe    (BJ)
Feb 20, 22 Copernicus Proposes a Heliocentric Cosmology    (AC)
Feb 27 Kepler & His Three Laws of Planetary Motion    (AC)
Mar 1, 6, 8, 13 Galileo Supports the Heliocentric Cosmology    (BJ, AC)
Mar 8 Take-Home Midterm Exam   
Mar 15, 20, 22, Apr 3 Newton's Laws of Motion, Universal Gravitation, and The Newtonian Cosmos    (BJ, AC)
Apr 5, 10 The 17th Century Scientific Revolution & Its Implications    (BJ)
Apr 12, 17 The 20th Century Scientific Revolution & The Relativistic Cosmos    (AC)
Apr 26, May 1 Modern Cosmology & its Philosophical Implications    (BJ)
May 1 Oral Presentations & Discussion Of Research Projects
May 10 Take-Home Final Exam