Astronomy 380: History of the Cosmos in Western Culture
Spring 2008

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The grade for the course will be based on the following:

One Midterm Exam  (20% of total grade)

There will be one midterm exam, either take-home or given in class, about half way through the course (see dates). It will count 20% toward your total grade.

Discussions (10% of total grade)

Reading and discussion of primary source material will be emphasised. On the order of one class session every two weeks will be devoted to discussion and analysis of reading from supplemental background and primary source material. Assessment of your in-class contribution to these discussions will count for a small part (10%) of your grade.

Homework Assignments (40% of total grade)

There will be one homework assignment for each major section of the course which will include material covered in both lectures and discussions. They will count 40% toward your total grade.

Final Exam   (30% of total grade)

The Final Exam (see dates) will cover all the material of the course, and will likely be take-home. It will count 30% toward your total grade. You must take the Final to get a grade in the course.