FREDDIE Extragalactic Discussion Group

Monday 3:30-4:30
in the Moon Room

Institute for Astronomy:
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Speaker Next Week:


***NYE, No meeting ***

Papers to Discuss:

Vayner+17: Galactic-scale Feedback Observed in the 3C 298 Quasar Host Galaxy

Glikman 2017: Red Quasars are in a Radiatively Driven Blow-out Phase

Barrows+17: Observational Constraints on Correlated Star Formation and Active Galactic Nuclei in Late-Stage Galaxy Mergers

Kauffmann17: The Physical Properties of Galaxies with Unusually Red Mid-Infrared Colours

Kocevski+17: CANDELS: Elevated Black Hole Growth in the Progenitors of Compact Quiescent Galaxies at z~2

Nick Lee+17: The fine line between normal and starburst galaxies

Terrazas+2017: Supermassive Black Holes as the Regulators of Star Formation in Central Galaxies

Eales+2017: The New Galaxy Evolution Paradigm Revealed by the Herschel Surveys