FREDDIE Extragalactic Discussion Group

Monday 3:30-4:30
in the Moon Room

Institute for Astronomy:
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Speaker Next Week:


Istvan Szapudi & Conor McPartland

Research Updates

Details coming soon...

Papers Next Week:

Sanchez+2017: SSDSS IV MaNGA - Properties of AGN host galaxies

Glikman+2017: Peering through the dust II: XMM-Newton observations of two additional FIRST-2MASS red quasars

LaMassa+2017: The Hunt for Red Quasars: Luminous Obscured Black Hole Growth Unveiled in the Stripe 82 X-ray Survey

Falgarone+2017: Large turbulent reservoirs of cold molecular gas around high-redshift starburst galaxies

Tomczak+2017: Glimpsing the Imprint of Local Environment on the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function

Martin+2017: The limited role of galaxy mergers in driving stellar mass growth over cosmic time