Notes on the Photometry

All magnitudes are computed in 3´´ diameter apertures and corrected to 6´´ magnitudes using a median offset.

The I magnitudes are Kron Cousins and the B and V are Johnson.

The HK´ magnitudes are described in Wainscoat and Cowie (1998), AJ (to be submitted). For galaxies (almost irrespective of redshift) they may be converted to conventional K magnitudes using the relation K = HK´ - 0.3. A slightly more extensive discussion may be found in Barger et al. (1998), submitted to AJ. For stars the conversion is color dependent and K = HK´- 0.13 - 0.05(I - K).

In the FITS files of the images 1DN corresponds to 26.61 in HK´
32.14 in I
32.16 in V
34.05 in B