Notes on the Selection

The initial selection was made in the I band. Objects were found with surface brightnesses above 26 mags/square arcsecond in I in a 1´´ boxcar smoothed image. This yielded 2534 objects with I < 24.25. The 1´´ smoothed HK´ image was searched for additional objects above 22.2 mags/square arcsecond which yielded 7 additional objects with HK´ < 20.3. Finally objects above 27 mags/sqaure arcsecond in the 1´´ smoothed V image yielded an additional 38 objects with V < 25.

Most objects are clearly single but there are roughly 145 objects where the structure could be complex or multiple and it is ambiguous whether the objects should be split. Thumbnail images of these may be found in the postscript file.

Multiple sources  .....(Postscript file)