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Christ Ftaclas

Ph.D., City University of New York, 1978

  • Instrumentation
  • Adaptive Optics
  • Extrasolar planets

Astronomy 635: Fundamentals of Astrophysics





Selected Publications:


CanariCam: A Multimode Mid-Infrared Camera for the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS
C. M.Telesco, D. Ciardi, J. French, C. Ftaclas, et al.
Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes,
edited by M. Iye and A. F. M. Moorwood
Proc. SPIE, 4841, 913-922 (2003)

Near Infrared Coronagraphic Imager for Gemini South
D. W. Toomey and C. Ftaclas
Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes,
edited by M. Iye and A. F. M. Moorwood
Proc. SPIE, 4841, 889-900 (2003)

Jovian Planet Finder Optical System
J. E. Krist, M. Clampin, L. Petro, R. A. Woodruff, H. C. Ford, G. D. Illingworth, and C. Ftaclas
High-Contrast Imaging for Exo-Planet Detection, edited by A. B. Schultz
Proc. SPIE, 4860, 288-294 (2003)

The Eclipse Mission: A Direct Imaging Survey of Nearby Planetary Systems
J. T. Trauger, T. Hull, K. Stapelfeldt, D. Backman, R. B. Bagwell, R. A. Brown, A. Burrows, C. J. Burrows, M. A. Ealey, C. Ftaclas, et al.
Future EUV/UV and Visible Space Astrophysics Missions and Instrumentation,
edited by J. C. Blades and O. H. W. Siegmund
Proc. SPIE, 4854, 116-128 (2003)

Artemis: A Stratospheric Planet Finder
H. C. Ford, L. D. Petro, C. Burrows, C. Ftaclas, M. C. Roggemann, and J. T. Trauger
Advances in Space Research, Volume 30, Issue 5, 1283-1288 (2002)

Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imaging of the Circumstellar Disk around TW Hydrae
D. E. Trilling, D. W. Koerner, J. W. Barnes, C. Ftaclas, and R. H. Brown
The Astrophysical Journal (Letters), 552, L151-L154 (2001)

Curvature Sensors, Adaptive Optics, and Neumann Boundary Conditions
C. Ftaclas and A. Kostinski
Applied Optics, 40, 435-438 (2001)

Relativistically Moving Point Lens
T. Wickramasinghe, R. J. Nemiroff, and C. Ftaclas.
Gravitational Lensing: Recent Progress and Future Go
ASP Conference Proceedings 237, edited by T. G. Brainerd and C. S. Kochanek
San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 107 (2001)

A Redetermination of the Mass of Procyon
T. M. Girard, H. Wu, J. T. Lee, S. E. Dyson, W. F. van Altena, et al.
The Astronomical Journal, 119, 2428-2436 (2000)

NPT: A Large-Aperture Telescope for High Dynamic Range Astronomy
R. D. Joseph, J. R. Kuhn, A. T. Tokunaga, R. Coulter, C. Ftaclas, et al.
Discoveries and Research Prospects from 8- to 10-Meter-Class Telescopes, edited by J. Bergeron
Proc. SPIE, 4005, 333-339 (2000)

CoCo: An Experiment in Infrared Coronagraphy at the IRTF
D. W. Toomey, C. Ftaclas, R. H. Brown, and D. Trilling
Infrared Astronomical Instrumentation, edited by A. M. Fowler
Proc. SPIE Vol. 3354, 782-790 (1998)

Optimization of the Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor Target-Acquisition Parameters
L. Abramowicz-Reed, C. Ftaclas, and K. P. Chisholm
Telescope Control Systems III, edited by Hilton Lewis
Proc. SPIE 3351, 62-72 (1998)

On-orbit Performance of the Fine Guidance Sensor FGS-1R
K. P. Chisholm, C. Ftaclas, and L. Abramowicz-Reed
Astronomical Interferometry, edited by Robert D. Reasenberg
Proc. SPIE 3350, 248-256 (1998)