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Current Work

"Characterizing Circumstellar Disks at 5 Myr - a Multiwavelength Gas and Dust Survey in Upper Scorpius"

Circumstellar disks, a byproduct of the star formation process, are the birthplace of planets. Examination of these disks inform our theories of planet formation by constraining the available gas and dust.

I am using millimeter photometry to measure the circumstellar dust mass in a group of 5 Myr old stars in Upper Scorpius, as well as far-infrared and millimeter gas-line spectroscopy to determine the gas content. My observations indicate that by the age of Upper Scorpius, less than 2% of stars could form giant planets. When compared to the field giant planet fraction - ~20% - this suggests that giant planet formation is essentially complete by 5 million years.

Below are links to selected papers and talks.

Selected Papers

Howard, C.D., Sandell, G., Vacca, W.D., et al. 5th author, ApJ, forthcoming. Herschel / PACS survey of protoplanetary disks in Taurus / Auriga: Investigating the source of [OI] 63 micron line emission

Mathews, G.S., Pinte, C., Duchene, G., Williams, J.P., & Menard, F., A&A, forthcoming. Diminishing gas and dust: A Herschel PACS survey of Upper Scorpius

Mathews, G.S., Klaassen, P.D., Juhasz, A., et al., A&A, forthcoming. The DCO+ Ring of HD 163296: Resolving the CO snowline with ALMA

van der Marel, N., van Dishoeck, E.F., Bruderer, S., et al. 11th author, 2013, Science, 340, 1199. A major asymmetric dust trap in a transition disk ADS

Klaassen, P. D., Juhasz, A., Mathews, G. S., et al., 2013, A&A, 555, 73. ALMA detection of the rotating molecular disk wind from the young star HD 163296 ADS

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Transformational Science with ALMA: from Dust to Rocks to Planets, "The One Ring: Tracing the CO snowline of HD 163296 with DCO+".

AAS Dissertation Talk, "Out of Gas: Upper Scorpius and the End of Giant Planet Formation". (pdf)