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Fall 2009

Moon Phases Observing — All-Sky Chart for Sept/Oct  2009


Plot the Moon’s position at least 6 times between New Moon (Sat Sept 19) and Full Moon (Sat Oct 3) on this all-sky chart, which shows the entire night sky at it will appear on Wed Sept. 23 at 8:00 pm HST.  Draw the Moon large enough to show its phase (in the proper orientation!), but small enough that it will not crowd out the next observation.  Label each position with its date.  Notes:

Observations on this chart do NOT need to be made at the same time of night. 

• It will become increasingly difficult to discern the constellations immediately surrounding the Moon as it waxes brighter in its cycle.  Observing in the city or near streetlights is likewise difficult.  Look for big, easy-to-find constellations, like Scorpius or Pegasus, or some of the brightest stars, and just do your best.  (Many constellations are comprised mostly of faint stars — do not expect to see them easily when observing in the city or as the Moon grows fuller.)