Welcome to Astronomy 110 Lab web resource.  All the nitty gritty on the course is located  here.


This course was developed by Josh Barnes and has been nurtured by many, but most notably by Mike Nasser.  It consists of a series of exercises or workshops which are offered in no particular order and are most often dependent on the weather.  The topics (and links to the worksheets etc. which are handed out each week) are (so far):


Dobsonian telescopes basic study guide


In the Field - Telescope Practice includes worksheet


Major Constellations and Stars (fall) must be learned over the term.  We are concentrating on…


Scorpius and Sagittarius includes worksheet on magnitude estimation.


Parallax in the Lab nifty little experiment for those with the ability to separate their eyes…


Parallax Worksheet workup of the lab.


Basic Telescope Optics  includes review questions and report assignment.


Phases of the Moon


Observing the Phases of the Moon

Alt-Az chart

Top view

            Follow-up questions


Paths of the Planets


Jupiters position


Moons of Jupiter


Wacky Planets includes the Stellarium Introduction.


Nebulosities, stars and clusters



Orientation notes on celestial coordinate systems – this will soon contain the Hawaiian system of directions


Open Clusters


Spectral Lab


        Spectra worksheet


Variable star lab


Double Stars



Next Look here for material that changes week to week, including material which you should prepare for the next class…