Lecture number                               Topic (+/-)………………………                                  

1                                                       General Introduction:  Our Place in the Universe

2                                                       Spaceship Earth – motions and size scales

3                                                       Basic concepts

4                                                       Local sky, Lunar motion, horizons etc.

5                                                       Ancient Astronomy

6                                                       The Science of Astronomy

7                                                       Kepler’s laws and Energy

8                                                       Energy, Physics concepts

9                                                       Newton’s Laws

10                                                 Newton’s Laws, gravity, circular motion

11                                                 Orbits, Tides, Light the cosmic messenger

12                                                 Spectra, rainbows, thermal radiation

13                                                 Kirchoff’s laws, telescopes

14                                                 Telescopes, seeing, color theory

15                                                 Interferometry, European astronomy in Hawai˙i

16                                                 European astronomy in Hawai˙i (Kaläkaua)

17                                                 Introduction to the Solar system

18                                                 The planets, formation theory

19                                                 Our Solar System and Its Origin

20                                                 Comets, Bodes rule, dinosaurs

21                                                 dinosaurs, pathological science,

22                                                 Asteroids, PanStarrs, the Sun

23                                                 The Sun, solar wind

24                                                 ATST, Stars, Classify

25                                                 Star colors, HR diagram, luminosity classes etc.

26                                                 Parallax, Doppler shift

27                                                 Stellar Evolution, Low mass stars

28                                                 Stellar Evolution, High mass stars

29                                                 Star death states

30                                                 Neutron Stars, Black holes

31                                                 Black holes, Einstein

32                                                 Schwarzschild metric, black hole story

33                                                 The Galaxy, galaxies

34                                                 Galaxies, AGN

35                                                 AGN end, Hubble law, cosmology fractals

36                                                 Fractals

37                                                 Worm holes, time machines

38                                                 Olbers paradox Dark matter and energy

39                                                 Elementary particles, LHC, etc.

40                                                 Legentile, 1st observing run, Big Bang

41                                                 Big Bang

42                                                 the End of the Universe




Black Holes, Cosmology, looking for E.T., Einstein …