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Henry H. Hsieh
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Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute for Astronomy
University of Hawaii at Manoa

"life is nothing more than the pursuit of stories worth telling to your children."
-john hobbs

Welcome! Originally from Florham Park, New Jersey, and a graduate of Hanover Park High School (1996), Harvard College (2000), and the University of Hawaii (2007), I was an STFC postdoctoral fellow at Queen's University Belfast from 2007 to 2010, and am now back at Hawaii as a Hubble Fellow. I am interested in comets that look like asteroids and asteroids that look like comets and finding out what they can tell us about the origin and evolution of the solar system as we see it today. I am also interested in the orbital dynamics of small solar system bodies, and am heavily involved in solar system research being conducted as part of the Pan-STARRS1 survey project.

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Recent Papers:
    - Water Outgassing of MBC P/2012 T1 (Aug 2013) *new*
    - Main-Belt Comet P/2012 T1 (PANSTARRS) (Jul 2013) *new*
    - The PS1 Moving Object Processing System (Apr 2013) *new*
    - The Nucleus of MBC 259P/Garradd (Oct 2012)
    - P/2006 VW139: A MBC Born in an Asteroid Collision? (Aug 2012)
    - [all papers]

    - 2012 Hubble Fellows Symposium (5 Mar 2012)
    - KGMB Hawaii News Now (PS1 press release) (16 Jun 2011)
    - BBC Horizon [clip] (3 Nov 2010)
    - NPR: All Things Considered (29 Apr 2010)
    - [Internet Movie Database]

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