Biographical Sketch of Ilia I. Roussev

Ilia Roussev obtained his Master's Degree in Physics and Astronomy from the Physics Department of Sofia University, Bulgaria, in the summer of 1995. In 1997, he received a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarship to pursue further research studies on accretion disks and jets at the Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn, Germany. In 1999, he enrolled in the Ph.D. program of the School of Mathematics and Physics at the Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, based at the Armagh Observatory. His studies were focused on understanding the nature of small-scale transient events on the “quiet” Sun, in particular Explosive Events. In the fall of 2000, he received a one-year Newkirk Research Fellowship to work on his thesis project at the High Altitude Observatory. In October of 2001, he completed his Ph.D. studies in Solar Physics. In the fall of 2001, he joined as a Research Fellow the Center for Space Environment Modeling at the Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences (AOSS) at the University of Michigan. He has been involved in analytical and computational studies of the solar atmosphere, concentrating on processes that couple the photosphere with the overlying corona and solar wind during quiet and magnetically active times on the Sun. His scientific contributions led to his promotion to an Assistant Research Scientist in the spring of 2003. In February of 2006, he began a tenure-track faculty appointment at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) in Hawaii. He presently holds this position.

He has authored or co-authored over 20 publications in refereed journals and over 35 conference presentations and seminars. He is a member of the American Geophysical Union, the Committee on Space Research, and the American Astronomical Society and the Solar Physics Division. He is a working group leader of the Solar Heliospheric and INterplanetary Environment (SHINE) Program within the National Science Foundation (NSF), and he is a Principal Investigator on a three-year NSF-SHINE project. He is also a Principal Investigator on a five-year NSF-CAREER project entitled "CAREER: Bridging Modern Computational Capabilities and Observations of Solar Magnetic Fields with Expanding Solar Physics Education at the University of Hawai'i". He was a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the BG-URSI School and Workshop on Waves and Turbulence Phenomena in Space Plasmas in Kiten, Bulgaria, during July 1-9, 2006. He was one of the main organizers and convener of the International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun-Earth System (ISROSES), which was held in Varna, Bulgaria, during September 17-22, 2006. He is a main organizer of the AAS' Solar Physics Division (SPD) Summer School on Observations and Models of the Solar Corona, during June 1-8, 2007, on Maui. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Heliophysical Year (IHY) Schools in 2007.

A Curriculum Vitae is available here.